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ワクチン Leptosprira in the US




) 5種混合ワクチン(レプトスピラ予防を含みません。)


) 7種、8種、9種混合ワクチン(レプトスピラ予防を含みます)



1.ジステンパーウイルス感染症:仔犬はとても死亡率が高い。風邪に似た症状から下痢・嘔吐、症状が進むと神経症                状が出て後遺症が残る場合も。


3.犬伝染性肝炎:アデノウイルス1型による。仔犬の死亡率が高い。肝臓・眼・血管・腎臓・神経などが障害され           る。
4.伝染性咽頭気管炎:アデノウイルス2型による。風邪のような症状。他のウイルスや細菌などと混合感染を起こす           と重症になる場合も。








The below posts are from Keeshond L.

Having lost a sweet old rescue to leptosporosis a few weeks and then having four more infected in the household I feel it is important to alert keesie lovers to this disease. Although this disease can be successfully treated in young, healthy dogs when caught early enough it can be very serious if a dog's heath is compromised and/or old. Moreover the disease can infect humans. From what I understand this disease has only recently (within the last 2-3 years) been increasing in the midwest. So not all vets vaccinate against it on a routine basis. SO be sure to check that your dog is properly protected.

HOWEVER, you should also know that all dogs that come through my household including rescues are always vaccinated against lepto. The dog that died was vaccinated, as were the others that have shown up as infected. So the second point to note is that yearly vaccination may not be adequate. The dogs that are still infected were towards the end of their year long protection. My vet now recommends a 6 month protocol.

You can check this disease out on the web but here are a few facts:
1) the disease is in the wildlife as well as dogs (not too likely in cats)
2) the bacteria (?) live in the kidneys so it is mainly passed through contaminated urine (dogs drinking from puddles infected bt wildlife or other dogs have urine) --- however, it can also be transmitted through infected fluids (blood, saliva...)
3) a dog can be a carrier without showing symptoms
4) there are urine tests for dogs (somewhat expensive) to check if they are infected
5) no tests for human infection
6) human infection leads to severe flu like symptoms (can be life threatening)
7) there are effective antibiotics for treatment

The dogs here were treated on a 2 week regime of antibiotics. However, it was unsuccessful so they are now on a 4 week set of meds. Note: you cannot recheck for the disease until 2-3 weeks following the completion of the meds.
Consequently KRCS is unable to take in any rescues for the next two months.

P.S. In checking with members of my local dog club I have now heard of many infections throughout kennels in the local area (Champaign/Urbana, Illinois) 】

【My vet has been working with the infectious disease vet at the U of Illinois. We have done blood titers on all the dogs and the infected dogs have 2 of the 4 strains that the vaccine does cover. There are apparently something like 14 known strains of lepto (like flu strains). The current vaccine covers 4. I believe the previous vaccine only covered 2. I have been told that in the east some of the strains not covered by the vaccine have been showing up. Perhaps they are working on a new vaccine.

There is apparently no test for lepto in humans --- I have been to a doctor and the infectious disease expert told us that we just have to wait until symptoms appear. Then they treat with antibiotics (which will be rough for me as I am highly allergic --- but so far all is well).

Finally, all the dogs went on a two-week course of antibiotics. We then waited two weeks and retested (that was about 4 days ago). Two are still positive. The U of Illinois vet says that we need to treat for longer --- a month. So now we are back on a 4 week set of meds.

The bottom line however is that the vaccine IS EFFECTIVE against 4 strains but it doesn't apparently protect for a full year. The dogs that have not been positive were the ones vaccinated most recently. So it is important to get dogs vaccinated in the midwest. My vet explained the same thing about the serovars to us, Marg -- but not the specific ones. I wonder why the vaccine companies do not produce a vaccine that addresses the particular strains our animals face.】

【One word of warning about the lepto vaccine. It has the highest risk of an allergic reaction. We found that out when Bear was vaccinated last year. He did not react until nearly 12 hours after he received the vaccine. This was a booster shot not the 1st time vaccination.

It started with bizarre scratching behavior on his nose and within 5 minutes his whole face was swollen eyes nearly shut and he developed respiratory difficulty within minutes of the start of the reaction. If we had not been home, he may have died. So please watch your kees carefully after they get the shot and make sure that you are going to be home for the day and evening.
This year he reacted to his booster for distemper etc. so now he must be premeditated before all his shots including the nasal bordella. 】

What is nasal bordella….



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