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環境省 動物愛護管理室
環境省 迷子収容情報 迷子にさせないでね!

The above video is the inside one of Animal control centers in Japan.
The machine automatically moves and leads animals to the last box (room) where gases would be filled after closing the door. I can not believe this box is called as a dream box!

Then all carcass will be burned to ashes. You see each animal control center has a monument but their ashes are not in there. ….Animal control center only holds animals for a short period (average 3 days), but some controls center hold them more than 3 days.

The reason is that they try not to spread rabies diseases. We have not have rabies since 1956!

I believe these machines that produce carbon monoxide must be expensive. How come they spend so much money on killing machine. Killing by gases one animal costs Yen 78 according to the video, and that’s why they use and kill innocent animals by gas?! The government should allocate more budgets for protecting animals’ lives rather than spending unnecessary money on some stupid things.

The successive prime ministers in Japan are all moron, especially Hatoyama!

Berrien fights bills on animal euthanasia
By SCOTT AIKEN - H-P Staff Writer
Published: Saturday, May 8, 2010 1:07 PM EDT

ST. JOSEPH - Proposed state legislation that would outlaw the practice of euthanizing dogs and cats with carbon monoxide or other gases is drawing opposition from Berrien County officials.

A pair of bills introduced in the Michigan House in April would require all animal shelters in the state, including those run by counties and cities, to use an injection of toxic drugs to kill the animals.

At a hearing last week before the House Agriculture Committee, Berrien County Administrator Bill Wolf voiced opposition.

Berrien is one of 11 county animal control operations in the state that uses gas to euthanize the large number of dogs and cats that pose a danger to the public or are unsuitable for adoption for other reasons. All other counties with animal control offices use lethal injection.

Wolf argued that the bills, if enacted, would interfere with local control, open the door for more intrusive legislation and violate the state Constitution as an unfunded mandate.

Also, he said, the highly toxic solution generally used in lethal injections, sodium pentobarbital, stays in the carcasses of dead animals. Disposing of such dogs and cats in landfills poses an environmental risk and can kill birds that feed on the carcasses, Wolf said.

I just don't understnad his mind... All carcasses are disposed in landfills !?...Like some videos I saw on Youtube??

Animal rescue and advocacy groups support the proposed legislation as a more humane way to put down dogs and cats.

"There is actually no reason for gas chambers," said state Rep. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge. He is sponsoring the legislation with Rep. Fred Miller, D-Mount Clemens.

In a telephone interview, Jones, said "just about everybody" who deals with animals recommends injection as the preferred method of euthanasia.

Jones is a former Eaton Çounty sheriff who worked in law enforcement for 31 years.

Two of the 11 county animal control operations now using gas are switching from the "archaic method," he said.

"We advertise ourselves as Pure Michigan," Jones said. "If we're going to do this we can't have things like (gas euthanasia) hanging over our state."

The bills do not apply to veterinarians working in the field, farmers or police officers who must occasionally kill animals.

Jones said the American Veterinary Association is opposed to the legislation because the AVA believes it is a "slippery slope" leading to regulating vets in the field.

Wolf told the county board's Administration Committee Thursday that he attended the Agriculture Committee hearing with county animal control Manager Val Grimes to voice concerns about the bills.

While the county is moving toward the capability of using injections to euthanize dogs and cats, the animal control building does not have space to set up a room for the procedure.

The county has been setting aside money for a new center. Officials have looked at several existing buildings but have found nothing suitable.

Wolf said three employees have received the minimum eight hours of training in euthanizing by injection.

"We're not in a position to do it right now but we're moving in that direction," he said. "We're going to move on so we have the capacity."

Wolf charged that the bills, if enacted, could lead to legislation to prohibit euthanasia of animals altogether and lead to mandatory spaying and neutering.

"It's no secret that there's a multiple-piece agenda for these groups," he said.

Although rescue organizations have no responsibility for public safety and can choose which animals they take in, county animal control departments do not have that luxury, Wolf said.

"We're dealing with the worst of the worst," he said, and as a public safety agency, animal control is required to pick up all strays.

If unclaimed or not suitable for adoption after a certain length of time, the animals are destroyed.

Berrien County's animal control uses a machine that produces carbon monoxide, an odorless but lethal gas found in engine exhaust.

Counties are not required to hold cats, but Berrien County's animal control department keeps a number of the animals and offers some for adoption.

The state is offering $5,000 grants to counties to cover the cost of switching to lethal injection. The money would come from a private contributor, not public coffers, and Wolf opposes the idea.

"Private financial incentives should not drive public policy," he said.

Jones said 20 other states have passed similar legislation. With money available for counties to cover the cost of transition to lethal injection, there's no reason to wait, he said.

He rejects the idea that the bills would lead to others that would restrict veterinarians or ban euthanasia.

"Absolutely not," he said. "We simply don't have the homes to adopt them all out, and we know that. But if we're going to put them down let's do it humanely."





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