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Well, I think I have heard this before. It is good thing for people to learn about calmness and positive manners though Yoga. As long as your state of mind is controlled and calm, your dog can feel it.
I guess I need to learn Yoga.. I am not sure if DOGA is well known to Japanese people or not.

While the thought of it provokes an assortment of witty play on words (Downward Dog, Na-mutt-ste, etc.), the doga movement is no joking matter! Sweeping the nation in a zen-like fashion, the dog and yoga mash-up has become a popular practice of many a pup and owner.

Much like traditional yoga, doga moves mimic those of the human practice (with the exception of limb flexibility). With a series of stretches, lifts, and massaging, owners work with their dog’s bodies in a symbiotic exercise.

“I tell people at the beginning of class that it’s an organic practice and feel free to move around the dog, face a different direction, whatever,” said Brenda Bryan, yoga and doga instructor and author of Barking Buddha: Simple Soul Stretches for Yogi and Dogi. “That takes the pressure off people to feel like they have to do everything perfectly and allows them to let go of their ego a little and focus on their dog (another benefit!).”

On average, Bryan works with around 5 to10 students per class.
“I can’t speak for everyone that walks through the door, but I seem to hear frequently that people want healthy, fun dog-friendly activities,” said Bryan of her clientele. “Of course there are the people that come to class out of curiosity and that’s fine.”
Kari Harendorf, former host of Animal Planet’s K9 Karma and current owner of East Yoga in New York City , also promotes a balanced pup existence.

“[Doga] does not replace exercising. Dogs need to get their energy out. But this is a great way to bond with your dog,” Harendorf commented on the benefits of the practice.
But the bonding aspect is not the only benefit to the dog experience, says Harendorf. The constant petting and manual shifting of the dog’s body allows for the owner to conduct a full-body scan and check for any abnormalities that might otherwise go unnoticed—one of Harendorf’s clients was actually able to spot a tumor on their dog during a class. The continuous handling also helps the dog become accustomed to human touch, which may be helpful when dealing with vets and groomers.

In addition to her studio dog classes, Harendorf also works with local New York shelter Bidaweein offering yoga instruction for shelter dogs.
“The human contact these dogs get helps them become sociable,” said Harendorf, thus aiding in their eventual adoption.

Within dog-centric circles, it seems that all of America is curious about the doga movement, with classes, books and DVDs emerging across the country. From Jacksonville, Florida to Seattle, Washington, dogis are catering to their dog-friendly clients. Although many skeptics will deny any benefits to the practice, doga instructors and participants say different.
“It creates a more trusting relationship with their human as they allow their doga partner to stretch, massage, hover over and even lift them,” said Bryan.

Some may joke about the unnaturalness of dogs practicing the serious tradition of yoga, but according to Bryan, they are one in the same. Dogs naturally exhibit much of the same moves done in yoga through their everyday stretching and movement. Similar to the “happy baby” pose, dogs often lie flat on their backs with legs free in the air. And much like the appropriately titled “downward facing dog” pose, dogs tend to stretch in a half seated position, or bow to engage in "play time" with other dogs.
“It’s a fun way to learn something about yoga philosophy using our dogs as examples,” said Bryan. “The word Yoga means “union” and dogs are pack animals so they are all about union.”



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